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When it comes to easing the pain of building applications for developers that target different mobile devices, many have come with supposed remedies and many have either disappeared or helped make things worse. Now it's the turn of Eclipse, more famous for its work on servers and desktops - only the open-source foundation …


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iPhone, for business users?

"at least in the iPhone's case - slowly establishing a firm challenge in the smart-phone market for business users"

Not likely. I don't know any self respecting business user who would rely on an iPhone to handle their business needs. Sure its great for farting applications and playing music, but have you every tried to type 30 emails an hour on a touch screen iPhone that doesn't even cut and paste? 'nuff said.

As for Eclipse, I've used it before and was not very impressed. Mind you that was four years ago so things may have changed. If it makes it easier for me to develop Blackberry apps though, I'll give it a go.


RE: iPhone, for business users?

Actually it's not so bad for business use.... I found writing emails on Blackberry and the N95 more of a pain than an option, but I can shoot off fairly decent sized emails on the iPhone most days... I rarely cut&paste in emails though.

I've installed a few applications on the thing that enhances it's usefulness, not fart applications, but a freelance project-timer/invoice application called Jobs, Things is pretty decent for busy days, a couple of web-designer tools on there too are pretty awesome.. calendar syncing is fairly decent now (I don't touch mobileme btw)... voice recorder applications, vile vault applications, MyRail is useful if you use public transport and need to get around london between business'.

Just because kids use it to p*ss commuters and family off with prankster app's, doesn't mean there is nothing else of use on there. You quickly become quite nippy at typing on the touchscreen too... something I wasn't sure about until after the first few days.

Eclipse..... has it's place... can be useful... but I really can't stand Java.... and Eclipse wreaks of it!!!

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