back to article Asus adds dual-core Atom to Eee desktop

Asus has added Intel's desktop-oriented dual-core Atom chip, the 1.6GHz 330, to its Eee Box line of compact PCs - and given it Windows Vista to chew on. Like the other members of the Eee Box family, the B208, still uses some mobile components - its 1GB of DDR 2 memory comes on a latop-oriented SO-Dimm, for instance. The …


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Vista and an in-built UPS battery (!), what pointless expenses they add to this thing.

If there is a power cut how do you even shut it down when your TV monitor is dead too, duh.

I'll wait till the next version that comes without such pointlessness.

Anonymous Coward

@ Sigh

See I thought differently...

I thought it would be great strapped to the back of my 2nd TV as a media player/streamer, I have UPS for everything else (including my Media PC - why? because otherwise power cuts send it into S5 and it won't wake to record things).

I also thought if it lost the Radeon for lower power it would probably make a good Debian server with the battery for UPS. Also a shame they only have the one wired ethernet port, or it would be a fantastic firewall platform.

Would be great to be able to get these in a variety of configurations... or with pluggable modules.

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