back to article One-eyed man creates prosthetic 'surveillance' eye

A one-eyed man has taken advantage of some of the world’s smallest imaging and data transmission technologies to help him create documentaries filmed from the first-person perspective. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Rob Spence, a 36-year-old film maker from Canada, finally had his eye surgically …


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I can see the headlines now

Movie and Music corporations will start putting up scanners in doorways to movie theatres and music concerts to stop possible pirates.

Everyone will need to thier eyes scanned to allow the production of the arts to continue while keeping a record of everyones retina scan in a database to help fight terrorists.

Ian Ferguson


That was my idea if I ever lost an eye. Unfortunately I haven't been in a suitable shotgun / shark / crossbow accident yet.

Other ideas:

- Laser pointer

- Blue LED (to look like the Terminator)

- Spring-loaded fake eye that pops out on command

Anonymous Coward

Bionic eye

Neat project. But why not make it useful by attatching it to the brain so he has stereo vision again?

Anonymous Coward

Doomsday Fan?

Terrible movie, but she did have a good eye.

Anonymous Coward

LiPO batteries...

I don't know that I trust Lithium Polymer batteries enough that I'd want to have one operating in my eye socket. A real burning eye that Visine wouldn't help with.

Bad Beaver


Dammit Ian, the Terminator's eyes are red. RED! ;)

I don't know whether I'm comfortable with people having disguised cameras in their eyes. No. Make that "I'm not comfortable with it".

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

I for one.....

...welcome our G'Kar imitating overlords!

now if only the eye could be popped out and left on a shelf, whilst the owner can continue to watch from afar.


@AC 17:56

"Attaching it to the brain"? *Way* easier said than done. It's not like there's a IEEE spec for neural signaling.


Re: Bionic Eye

Surely you're not the first person to think of this.

I'm guessing the challenge lies in interfacing with the optic nerve... When you figure out how to transfer images from a digital camera into the proper electronic pulses to send those images to a person's brain, let me know...and by the way, don't forget to invert the image first!

Silver badge

@ Ian Ferguson

- Laser pointer

Been done. Chap by the name of Sauron.

Anonymous Coward
Paris Hilton

Eye of the snake

Would this be for the one eyed bed snake ?

Could have profound medical benefits, not to mention in-depth action porn.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

@Ian Ferguson

I'm totally on board with the laser pointer thing. Plus, think of the fun when you demand that an accuser "look me in the eye and tell me that" ...

Graham Marsden

But what's the Humanity Cost?

Mines the one with the copy of the Cyberpunk RPG in the pocket...

John F. Eldredge
Black Helicopters

real-life Steve Austin

During this last year, I had cataract surgery and my sister had a knee replaced. I joked that we were now the low-budget versions of Steve Austin and Jaime Summers, since my eyes didn't have zoom-lens capability and she didn't gain the ability to run 60 miles per hour.

Anonymous Coward

Humanity Cost?

Not too much, probably no more than wearing trousers.

(Mine's the one with nothing under it.)

Ben Pierard

Xenocide anyone?

Mine's the Orson Scott Cardigan with the elbow pads

Anonymous Coward

Re: But what's the Humanity Cost?

1d6 points IIRC.

Chris Seiter


Like the oracle from "Dark Crystal"? I'd like one of those little fiber optic lines that constantly change color like a desktop christmas tree. Eye color on driver's license? All of the above.

John Savard
Silver badge


In the TV pilot for the series The Six Million Dollar Man, and I believe in Martin Caidin's original novel Cyborg on which it was based, instead of Steve Austin being able to see with his artificial eye - that being considered a bit too far-out for a techno-thriller as opposed to far-future science fiction - his artificial eye merely contained a miniature camera.

Paris Hilton

Sounds like a divorce to me.......................

No dear - I wasn't checking out your sister.............

Richard Kay


No need to reverse the image. The neural circuitry does this for you in a day or two, according to those who have experimented with image inverting spectacles. After you take them off it takes a similar time period to get back to normal.

Daniel Grout
Gates Horns

@Richard Kay


Would this reversing thing work on cats?


Put the inverting goggles on

Film for amusement

Let them adapt

Remove goggles

Film for more amusement



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