back to article AMD's former chip-making unit dubbed 'Globalfoundries'

AMD's former chip-making business is now "Globalfoundries." Well, technically, it's "GLOBALFOUNDRIES," but we don't play that capitalization jive. You'll remember Globalfoundries as Advance Micro Devices' debt-dependent semiconductor unit which the company spun out with ATIC, the investing arm of the government of Abu …


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This is just wrong.

What's the world of corporate branding coming to? I mean, the logo's suitably meaningless and in the correct array of pastels but "Globalfoundries"? That sort of does what it says on the tin!

I was expecting something more on the lines of a logo that looks like a hippopotamus giving birth when turned sideways and also turns out to be already used by an asian clap clinic, coupled with a made up, vaguely african-sounding word that's supposed to "convey value and innovation" but actually reminds everyone of diarrhoea.

I was looking forward to a good, solid round of pisstaking when the branding came out and I am very disappointed.

Is there a whalesong shortage in the current recession or something?

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