back to article Garmin walks out pedestrian-oriented satnavs

Garmin has veered off of the road to launch two satnav series targeted at pedestrians. Garmin_pedestrian_satnav Garmin's Nüvi 1200 and 1300: walk, not drive The Nüvi 1200 and 1300 series – which together comprise eight models in all – are compatible with CityXplorer maps, which Garmin claimed offer “pedestrian navigation …


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I don't get it

Most phones are including satnav now; I don't get why you'd want to carry an extra device around with you.

Fair enough with cameras perhaps, until the picture quality on phones is as good as an SLR... but not something which is essentially software which can run on anything with a GPS receiver.

But, folk will buy owt i suppose....

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