back to article Fusion-io secretly parts with CEO

Fusion-io has signed a great deal for HP to OEM its flash memory card acceleration technology. And it has lost Don Basile, its CEO, in a bizarre conjunction of events. Fusion-io was founded three years ago and has developed the ioDrive, a PCI-e-connected NAND flash memory card that acts as a large cache between a server's main …


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Short and Sweet

Bye Bye, Bradford?

"He has been quietly promoted from Fusion-io's General Counsel to CEO within the last four weeks." ..... Hmmm. ....A Chief Waffler in Spin Merchant?


The fisherman

You may see Mr. Bradford in 'Revenge of the Nerds' from his previous Novell existence, catching the trout in his yard stream.

He also long predates Mr Schmidt at Novell, almost to its early days.

Cause its Gooooo Dave !!!!

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