back to article Fujitsu Siemens floats private cloud plan

Fujitsu Siemens will launch an enterprise cloud offering this autumn, as it banks on the anything-as-a-service model to tempt cash-strapped customers and give it a raison d'etre once it is borged into new parent Fujitsu. CTO Joseph Reger, speaking at Cebit, said that there was no point in hardware vendors fighting against …


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Register your Vote for Approval here. IT is bound to be Better ...

.... in Cloud Layers of Ubiquitous Control.

Any one else Realising that it is the start of Virtual Governance via an IT Competent Private Sector Networking over the Internet and the end of Puppet Politics abusing the Public Sector to maintain Status Quo Ignorance?

And you wouldn't believe how Far Advanced that Application is Already Already and Ready.

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What a scam....

It is unbelievable that so many believe that "cloud computing" is the the next, greatest iteration of IT that will save us from ourselves. It's nothing of the sort, but only a revamp of time-sharing and re-branded managed services. If you have an enterprise-class data center and provisioning thin-client desktops, you've been doing "cloud computing" for years. It will certainly have its applications, especially in the private sector, but larger organizations are not going to shutter their data centers and move their petabytes of business-critical data onto a cloud providrer's hardware and "rent" applications to access it on a per-seat basis. The recent massive failure of Google Mail is prima facie evidence of what can happen when you outsource an IT function critical to your business. Imagine the impact of a massive failure at a cloud provider when you're trying to close your financial quarter. Cloud computing is nothing but hyp and vaporwarre. Those of us who rolled our eyes throughout the dot-com boom understand this.

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