back to article Apple overhauls MobileMe

Apple has introduced a handful of improvements to its MobileMe online service, further draining the swamp of embarrassment caused by the utility's botched introduction. In an email recently sent to MobileMe subscribers, "The MobileMe Team" announced four improvements to the struggling service, including a new way to share …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Thats great except.....

    .......the Mail push service is only 1/2 a push service. It doesn't push read information to the phone. If you read an email in the web interface or in any other mail client the phone still thinks you have X unread emails. Quite annoying when you look at the phone a few hours later and its showing 2 new emails but you've already read and dealt with those.

    Connecting to an Exchange server from the iPhone does not have this problem, it handles read updates perfectly fine so come on apple, sort yourself out and actually finish implementing it!

  2. sleepy

    Works for me

    Yes it was a disaster at launch, although the potential was always clear. But it has to be said it is now near magical. Laptop/desktop/work/home/phone/iPod just have your up-to-date stuff when you look, with no planning or effort at all.

    It's hard to remember we Mactards had Activesync envy all those years. But now we can laugh at Exchange Server.

  3. Matt Thornton


    What am I missing? "It was a great time-saver to not have to email our 10MB test file over the meager upload bandwidth of our ADSL line" - surely you still are encumbered by the meagre upload speed when you first put it on the cloud in order to share it?

  4. Neil

    all is forgiven....

    ....because it has an apple sticker on it.

  5. David Webb


    "It was a great time-saver to not have to email our 10MB test file over the meager upload bandwidth of our ADSL line"

    That makes no sense, you still had to use your meager upload bandwidth to upload the file to the servers didn't you, so I'm not seeing where you found the "great time-saver" option? Both would have the same upload cap, so both would take the same amount of time.

    Sure, one time saver would be if you needed to send it to multiple contacts, over different periods of time rather than stick them all in the BCC, but if I needed to do that I'd upload the file to, I dunno, a file host or webspace.

  6. TeeCee Gold badge
    Dead Vulture


    "It was a great time-saver to not have to email our 10MB test file over the meager upload bandwidth of our ADSL line"

    Er, how did it get into this cloud thingy in the first place then? Have the data upload fairies been working overtime for you?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Jolly good

    And about time too.

    I can't see why I have to top up with diino 4 or diino 5 wonderful as they are :)

  8. xjy
    Paris Hilton


    The thing that irks me most is the removal of iCards. And the inadequacy of the web Mail programme. The only area where Google doesn't knock spots off it is the management of aliases. (I haven't got into synching yet.) Oh, and the gouging which almost goes without saying.

    You'd think that with the iPhone and iTouch they'd be able to knock together something a damn sight better - simpler quicker and full of stuff that others want to imitate.

    Apart from that...

    (Paris, cos she doesn't have to gouge or manage aliases yet. And she has a lot that others would like to imitate, like money to manage instead of aliases...)

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    iCrap for iBling

    Tards are so gullible for this crap.

  10. Ronan
    Thumb Down

    Mobile Me

    It still has page rendering issues with Firefox 3.0.4. - messages don't always appear.

    and it painfully insists that you update Safari to use it. But to update Safari, you have to update ... etc. Which meant that I wasn't able to use Mobile Me web on an older Mac.

    Although I am a subscriber, I would still not recommend anyone to use it.

  11. Ian Halstead

    @anonymous. iCrap iBling etc

    BMW drivers are so gullible etc etc. No, I haven't ever driven a BMW either. See, I can make random negative comments without any experience as well.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ian Halstead

    Why do Tards always think their machines are BMW's? Ford Escort's maybe.

  13. Jim Preis

    Consider for a moment...

    Cycling chooses to put its issues with doping out there for the world to see in the name of eradicating drugs from the sport. Professional baseball, soccer, football, cricket, hockey are years behind in what will be the same process should their bollocks ever re-emerge from the roid imposed shrinkage.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Seems a bit harsh

    I've been using .Mac/MobileMe for years, and apart from a few blips when they transitioned from one to the other it's been a great service. IMAP mail, contacts, calendars, all synced nicely between devices with a handy and impressive web interface for the occasions when you don't have access to one of your own devices. Plus handy online storage and filesharing, a nice photo gallery that works well with iPhoto, the Back to my Mac thing which often saves you the hassle of setting up SSH tunneling etc... What's not to like? Well worth the money in my opinion.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    They are getting there

    I don't have the mobile me service myself, however several friends do and as one of the resident Mac geeks it falls to me to help them out. I'm glad to see that Apple is actively working on making the service better. It has real potential but unfortunately Apple wasn't making any friends either burying their heads in the sand when problems arose or not admitting to the growing pains and false starts it was subject to. There are still some issues to be sure but its coming along quite nicely.

    @ Rik "To say that MobileMe's short life has been problematic would be like saying that the Tour de France has a bit of a drug problem." Nice one, you sir deserve a drink on me :-).

    @ the last two AC's with their oh so clever "tard" comments, ODFO that is all.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 2nd March 2009 16:39 GMT

    Yeah, to the Robin Reliant that is Windows! :D

  17. Paul
    Jobs Horns

    Best MobileMe thing apple could provide

    Is a one click remove option given that I never asked to have it installed on my PC in the first place. Then not having asked for it it keeps on bugging about having to be upgraded.

  18. Scott Mckenzie

    Read Emails

    My iPhone/MobileMe works fine for showing messages already read... read it on one system and it marks it as read on all others....

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still wipes Ringtones.

    One MobileMe feature that Apple has yet to fix is that MobileMe overwrites your custom ringtones. They acknowedged the problem last July, but still will not fix it. My experience was that if I added a Windows Outlook 2003 PC to MobileMe, something ridiculous happened to my contacts, Outlook, Address Book etc. I am still running on 'Birthdays_1' in Address Book from one of those instances. Come to think of it, my Mac birthdays do not show on my iPhone either? (Good thing that overall the only blotch on the Mac/iPhone is MobileMe I guess...)

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