back to article Panasonic readies Freesat Blu-ray pair

Panasonic this week previewed what it claimed is the world’s first pair of Blu-ray recorders with two integrated Freesat receivers and an internal hard drive. Because both players each have two tuners, Panasonic has reportedly said you'll be able to record content from one channel and simultaneously watch something else. Each …


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  1. M7S

    Am I missing something?

    Assuming that one has a TV with a freesat tuner (unless these devices are intended to provide the signal to monitors or standard TVs) then surely twin tuners would allow you to record two things at once? Its just a bit strange that the marketing people are presenting something that appears to be different.

    I really hope so as when I get a freesat dish, this is the sort of thing I would buy, particularly if I can archive HD content with full 1080p onto a removable disk or network this (rumours elsewhere speak of ethernet capability) to an external drive. I have a couple of their older HDD/DVD recorders which I really like and my only regret is I cannot swap out the analogue tuners for freeview ones to be able to continue using them after next year, unless of course anyone knows differently.

  2. Tony Rogers
    Thumb Up

    Panasonic DMR-BS850

    Been reading the press releases and review comments on this baby.

    I want one but......Price circa £1000 GBP.!!

    I am led to believe that Freesat signal is at 1080i not 1080p can someone confirm ?

    I guess that with the twin tuner facility it will require an additional coax from the dish ?

    Many things to ponder before spending 1000 spondolicks on this gizmo though.

    The direct link to online will be of some interest for UTube watchers maybe.

    If I stop drinking for a few days,I can just afford it...ho-ho !


  3. Scott Mckenzie


    Freesat, like all HD TV is indeed only broadcast in 1080i.... you will also need two runs of cable from your dish.

    I was excited by the product, but assumed the price will be prohibitive for many!

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