back to article What's next for NetApp hardware?

NetApp has confirmed it is working on new hardware platforms. Rich Clifton, a senior VP at NetApp, provided a glimpse of NetApp's hardware direction this week at VMworld, as The Register sought to determine what storage OEMS would want with a PCIe switch. Clifton said there would be phased ONTAP G announcements, suggesting …


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SpinNP is the answer to mainstream storage scale-out scalability

Hi Chris,

Really interesting speculation here. Without raining on VirtenSys' parade too much, our Data ONTAP 8 scalability is based on a transport-independent protocol called SpinNP. While it is capable of accommodating PCIe, I would urge you to look at Cisco's Data Center Class & Brocade's Enhanced (lossless) Ethernet technologies as our interconnects of choice when we ship the first phase of our mainstream scale-out storage family later this year.

Your conclusion is spot-on though! With DOT8, NetApp customers will be able to aggregate any number of FAS controllers (in pairs) as nodes in a single system image with atomic management properties and linear performance as well as capacity scalability.

Val Bercovici

Office of the CTO



They are positioning themselves...

NetApp is positioning themselves well for possibly sourcing hardware (and software) from SUN, if their legal case goes badly.

A Network Appliance box with SUN inside would be a great combination, since:

- NetApp would be able to stop development on proprietary software technology that really does not buy them any advantage over Open Source Solaris & ZFS

- SUN is already producing platforms with PCIe

Anonymous Coward

netapp who?

Real men have Bluearc Titans


PCI Switch --- AArrghhh

Yes and there used to be token ring switches to try to work around the scalability problems of the underlying protocol as well.


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RE: They are positioning themselves...

"NetApp is positioning themselves well for possibly sourcing hardware (and software) from SUN, if their legal case goes badly....." Dave, I thougt you Sunsiners had already assured us NetApp didn't have a chance against The Divine Right Of Sun? And how you make this bizarre speculation from the article is beyond any form of logic. PCIe is a standard so if NetApp needed to source any hardware from anyone (and why they should you don't say) they could source it from any server vendor, so why choose the dying minnow of Sun? Anyway, didn't you hear the announcement about hp ProLiant support - Sun have just outsourced their server business.

As for the bit about NetApp stopping development to take a step back to use the Sun copy ZFS, I can only conclude you are posting from a cocaine factory whilst not wearing a dust mask. Sun have admitted they based ZFS on ONTAP, which means NetApp were already ahead of Sun in development and have probably developed further since. Why on Earth would they want to go backwards? Oh, I forgot - that kind of thing happens a lot in the Sunshiner fabtasy world.

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