back to article Olympus brings tiny DSLR into focus

Olympus has launched what it’s claimed is the world’s smallest digital SLR camera with image stabilisation built into the camera body rather than the lens. Olympus_E620_05 Olympus' E-620: measures merely 130 x 94 x 60mm The 12.3Mp E-620 measures 130 x 94 x 60mm and is equipped with a 2.7in tilting/swivelling LCD display. A …


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If it's anything like its predecessors

It will be an unsung hero of the DSLR world.

Picky point: according to dpreview, the $700 is estimated body-only street price, going up to $800 including the lens etc - and going on past Olympus experience, those will be the prices you have to pay for quite a few months after launch.

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4/3s "format" - virtually no downside

I have a long in the tooth E300 and it regularly produces pictures that make more expensive equipment (looking at you Nikon and Canon) look even more overpriced than they already are.

The 4/3 format allows lenses to me lighter and more compact and having IS built into the body not only works the same way but also means that ALL lenses benefit, not just particular ones (although of course how MUCH they benefit depends on the focal length of each lense).

I've been casting covetous glances in the direction of the E-520 for months now, and I'm glad I didn't succumb, cos now I get to covet the E-620 instead, and this time I'm definitely going to turn that coveting into a purchase.

Keep it up Olympus!

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