back to article Google's email service goes down

Google's Gmail has once again plummeted out of the cloud and the company is scurrying to fix the problem nearly an hour after it went titsup. The email service hit the buffers at around 10:15am GMT, and, at time of writing, it hasn't flickered back to life yet. All of which spells bad news for all those firms out there that …


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  1. Timothy

    Why google...

    ...Why do you keep tumbling down, more and more every month, i hope they sort it soon for their sake :(

  2. Nick

    Not all dead

    Whilst I can't access the gmail website, I can still access my email via imap (on my iPhone). I don't know about POP, but it looks like the service isn't completely dead.

  3. Scott K
    Thumb Up

    Thought the phone was a bit quiet this morning

    Using Gmail as my push style email on the phone, thought it was a bit quiet! thanks for the heads Up el reg

  4. Neil Hoskins

    webmail only?

    Seems to be webmail only. I can connect to my imap box.

  5. Charlie Stross

    Minor correction

    Gmail is in fact working <em>fine</em> -- if you use IMAP or POP to access it. It's just the webmail front end that's down.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Stop the meantime users can keep hitting F5

    They could; but they'd be advised to save wear and tear on their fingers and the F5 key, since our glorious benefactors choose not to post any updates on the status of GMail.

  7. Paul

    bally annoying

    Thank you, Reg, I was beginning to think it was me.

    Better stop relying on it, I guess.

  8. Simon Casey

    Tis fine?

    I've been using it fine all morning via IMAP on my iPhone? Sent an email at 8:50, 9:12, 9:36, 10:29 and 11:26.

    Just checked and still sending/receiving just fine thanks :)

  9. Tim Spence
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    No doubt I'll be the millionth commenter here, reporting that it's still working via POP access, but I'm happy to report that Google Mail is still working via POP access.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    The problem is in the Web-Based Service

    Point you IMAP client to their server and Hey-Presto you can still get at your emails!

  11. Jon Pain

    I've got IMAP

    but no webmail as yet.

  12. John Seto

    You can still check mail thru' pop3

    looks like you can still see mail using pop3, certainly I am still getting alerts via the GTalk client, so looks like the front-end side of things have gone t*ts up

  13. Andy Hawes


    .....But running VERY VERY Slowly..

  14. Edward Miles

    <Insert witty title here>

    IMAP/SMTP is still working. Dunno about pop3. Just had to scramble to set up a command imap client on my server 'cos today would be the day I don't have access to my thunderbird. Grumble. Still, all good now!

  15. Greg Kerr


    This is affecting me as use Google Apps Mail for my business. Get yr shit together Google!

    Quick tip, IMAP is still working, mail is coming through to my phone.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Waahh! But Google can do no wrong!!

    This is funny.

  17. dervheid

    Still cream crackered!

    Just what kind of free service are the offering here?

    Isn't it enough that we let them pimp, sorry, of course I meant analyse, our usage data in return.

    I did wonder why my inbox was surprisingly empty at 7-45 this morning. I suspect they started having problems way before 10-15.

  18. Doug

    a freebee in the cloud ..

    I don't suppose we should complain about a freebee service. Some time back, most of us wouldn't have an email address without some college or business providing it. Currently we get a basic email service from our ISP, which can also go down on occasions. The only other solution is to host your own email server in some server farm. What would it cost to set up and service, assuming most people wouldn't be technically inclined to roll their own?

  19. John Dow


    Well, it's a free services and a damn good one at that price, so fair enough.

  20. Craig

    Isn't google services falling offline one of the harbingers of the apocolypse?

    Well...isn't it?

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Durr, wah?

    Ditch Exchange and Outlook (no matter how crappy they may be) for something that is little better than Hotmail?

    This, of course, ignores that fact that company email is even less secure and less private than it was before.

    What kinds of companies are we talking about? Proper ones or just mom and pop cottage industries?

  22. Martin Silver badge

    Offline for webmail, online for POP3

    As title really, when it first went down, couldn't access anything, but the secure pop3 server came back up fairly quickly. The webmail is still giving a 502 error which is... annoying, but you gets what you pays for I guess!

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Who you gonna call

    Apparently not Gmail engineers.... haven't had access for the better part of 2hrs now....

  24. Luke

    Still broken but...

    weirdly works fine on my phone.

  25. Bill


    down in the uk, usa, france, switzerland and ireland amongst others

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IMAP access works.

    I just managed to check my email via IMAP (secure) using Evilution (Ubuntu 8.10)


  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wot... no credit?

    I guess I was only one of many to report this then. Just shows how many people rely on it. Still, even with the occasional outage, I'd still rather eat a tablespoon of ferret faeces than go back to hotmail.

  28. Rob Thorley

    Apple and iPod Sync

    Over the weekend I couldn't sync my iPod to Gmail, although I was accessing t'internet without issue. Hope I haven't f***ed things up?

  29. Anonymous Coward

    IMAP still working

    I can still access both my GMail accounts via IMAP (

    It's strange using an email client again after years of using GMail though.

  30. JohnP
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    Sky users affected too!

    Not just Gmail users. All Sky broadband customers will be affected as Sky's e-mail system is part of G-Mail. As of 11.42 am UK time, it is still down.

  31. Scott Wichall

    I can't get mail either

    So someone has tripped over all the cables at google central again then....

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Long way round

    Looks like you can still get to gmail if you go via the googletalk app or log into google calendar/docs and jump across to your gmail account.

  33. ThisTimeNextYear
    Paris Hilton

    You get what you pay for...

    That's most annoying however since I've never paid google a penny (although I'm sure they've made a few quid out of me clicking on adverts) I can't really have the arse with their free service going down.

    Hohum... Erm Paris because she's allways happy to go down.

  34. Rogier

    IMAP access is working

    IMAP access does seem to be working fine though, at least for me.

  35. Chris

    Work-around - IMAP up

    Google's IMAP servers still seems to be working. If you don't want to configure an email client then you can log on via

  36. Richard Parkin

    Currently working by POP and IMAP

    The web mail is not working but it is currently working by POP and IMAP

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It is _still_ in beta...

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still more up time then Exchange

    Its been working OK, albeit slowly.

    Still, even with a bit of downtime, its vastly better then Exchange and Outlook. After all, the would have down time as well, even just thru admin error. 1-2 days a year down time quite frankly is acceptable in my opinion.

  39. si
    Jobs Halo

    iphone ok

    Actually, I can still use my gmail through my iphone, the browser version that seems to be down

  40. Doddy

    Only the web interface is down

    Looks like it's just the web interface that's down. I'm still getting mail ok via POP3 on, so it should be fine for anyone using GMail through a local mail app.

  41. Pete


    Google's mail outage, also is effecting sky's emails, which are handled by gmai l!!!

  42. Michael Fremlins

    Moaning minnies

    Did you pay for Google mail?

    Anyone who thinks they can do better should have a go!

  43. Anonymous Coward

    google goes offline

    now I understand why they promote their off line services...

  44. david miron

    Cartoon - Gmail Down Is It The End?

    Gmail Fail Cartoon

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is it free? I pay for mine. Dont forget there are several aspects to gmail.

    You have GAPE Standard and Premier then the bog standard Gmail offering.

    A lot of companies moving to Google instead of other hosted options. They are going to be the ones worried by these events.

    POP3 and IMAP work fine.

  46. Anonymous Coward

    Just a ploy by Google

    Obviously they have done it just to get more people using the Offline Gmail feature they launched last week...

  47. Peter Pringle

    Don't google 'gmail down'

    I decided to see what was up with Gmail by googling for 'gmail down'. The first result appears to be a google group with the name of my query. Clicking on the link brought up the group with a big porn banner on the top! Not exactly office safe...

  48. Anonymous John


    "We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused."

    I do so hate that use of the word "any". All downtime is inconvenient.

  49. mc_nebula

    Up now

    Webmail interface is up now...

  50. Michael Hall
    Thumb Up

    Wouldnt go back to Exchange...

    I dont think a small mess like this would convince anybody who has been weened of exchange to go back to it. Google Apps dying once a year is a lot nicer than exchange dying because:

    The logs are full,

    The database is full and now needs to be defragged for 2 days,

    Exchange DoSed itself by duplicating messages in its own que,



    Yep I remember the days when I had fix these sorry ass problems. Now with the miracle of google apps some other poor sod has to fix them and nobody has to pay a penny!


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