back to article IBM lands 25 teraflop iDataplex cluster in Bluegrass State

IBM has signed up another customer for its iDataplex super-dense x64 rack servers, this time landing the University of Louisville in Kentucky, which has bought a 25 teraflops cluster of these funky machines. The cluster - which is nicknamed Cardinal after the school mascot - will be configured with 5.2 TB of main memory and …


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UK in Lexington got one a couple of years ago

It is the second super in the Bluegrass Commonwealth (not a state, a commonwealth), IBM gave the one to UK in Lexington two years ago. The engineering dept, never explained exactly what it was being used for, there were vague statements about "special" projects.

This one will be used for Bioinformatics, and State Supported Online Gambling, just as soon as KY completes seizing the domain names.

Black Helicopters


Gief, please, just gief one to my Technology School.

1,400 pupils might not sound much but the network grinds at peak usage. Some dim wit from outta the school fucked up the server installation (yes im 13 and work in the server office *puts on sunnies, Horatio Caine Impression*).

Now, how can I go about procuring one for both my school and me:D.

AH CRAP, here come the Black Blackhawks, Gta go peoples time for Some Sweet Rambo with ma M4 *puts sunnies on again and cocks rifle*

See ya

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