back to article ICO strengthens criticism of Government data sharing

The Government's controversial plans to share personal data between departments and with the private sector are "too wide" and the safeguards "weak" according to privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). The ICO has released its second opinion on the contents of the Coroners and Justice Bill, which proposes …


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Two things..

Firstly, I'm not going to grumble about the fact that I brought your attention to this yesterday and didn't get any credit...mumble, groan ,whinge etc.

Second, it does look like the ICO have finally realised that it would be useful for them to actually have some teeth when it comes to DPA. Slightly overdue (by about 10 years) but welcome nonetheless.

Now if they can widen their scope to include private companies instead of just public authorities, we might just be getting an effective Commissioner.

Of course the question remains just how much notice UK Gov are going to take oft heir recommendations? I do try not to be cynical but......

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Good news - ish

"The ICO now believes that the proposed new law poses some dangers to privacy "

Well, that's great, but how the hell, then, did they come to their first conclusion that "Some have suggested that the Bill’s information sharing provisions represent an unwarranted interference with the privacy of personal information. We do not agree."?

Were they asleep when people were pointing this out?


Turn on, tune in, then drop

The nu insect overlards are disinterested in the Hoi Polloi (except for occasional mockery when they are bored), as the HP has proved it will consume anything, even when supine. They are interested in those who are placed to exercise control, whether legal, military, or financial.

This "data sharing" will make it so much easier to "turn" any politician that they want to.



<...>There is no restriction on purpose of the sharing<...>

<...>to prevent the use of information-sharing orders in the context of large-scale data sharing initiatives<...>

That would be NHS, DNA , Financial and any other records pertaining to deals HMG does with private industry then

Another vote here for a V for Vendetta Icon.



It should be stabbed through the heart with a stake, burned, buried and then have horse trappled across its grave never to rise again.

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