back to article Cybercrime losses tax UK small business

Cybercrime and fraud are costing Britain's small business £800 a year each, according to a survey by the UK's Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The SME lobbying group is calling for more action to tackle online crime as a response. More than half (54 per cent) of smaller businesses polled in the survey said they were a …


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Anonymous Coward

iDeal solution

You're only a victim of phishing emails if you are stoopid enough to fall for them. The big problem as ever is credit card fraud, and the big fix, as ever, is systems like iDeal, the payment by bank transfer system used in Holland and expanding elsewhere.

i.e. the credit card companies have failed to implement a one time token for credit card purchases online, so the banks have their own system. You buy goods, click a link, you're taken to your bank where you authorize the transaction using your one time pad.

"Half (53 per cent) said a clear cybercrime reporting structure was needed"

I reported my stolen bike to the police, surprisingly nothing happened, but surely *reporting* a problem is *fixing* a problem!? Or are we just avoiding fixing the problem here, the crappy credit card authorization scheme.

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Hello, is that the police?

I wonder if you can help. Someone is trying to brute force a form on our server with a dictionary attack. It seems to be coming from a IP address ranges in India and Russia, although the bot herder controlling the zombies could be just about anywhere in the world.

Can you send someone over to take a look?

Maybe track down and arrest the culprits?

Sorry, what do you mean exactly by 'Eh?'

No, I assure you, I am not taking the piss.

No, really officer.

Sooo... we never report being attacked, just pull down the reinforced shutters and hope they arew strong enough keep the outside world at bay.

Phishing? Least of our problems.

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Fraud crimes will be a thing of past if banks make signature and PIN systems reliable as proposed.

Banks will reduce all fraud crimes to virtually ZERO if they make signature and PIN systems reliable as proposed on website

This system will eliminate the need for us to protect our personal and card details.

It is strange why banks are not willing to exploit proposed system to stamp out fraud crimes permanently.

Anonymous Coward

No investment

same old same old, businesses expect to be protected, but there is no budget for it, and those with the skills tend to not be welcome in enforcement, either directly or via low renumeration. So, that leaves enforcement with under skilled zealous vigilantes, who at some point will tip over the edge and break the law themselves, in their lust to protect the 'innocent'.

Enforcement use to mean muscle, and they were given a certain degree of latitude to flex said muscle. Primarily because beating the pulp out of one person, doesn't affect a lot of people.

Here though, an attack on one person, could set off quite easily attacks on a lot, sort of cops and robbers with mini nuclear devices that tend to screw up economies rather than take actual lives directly.

The real cost of entering the Internet is never worked out correctly by a business. They assume they will have all the benefits of brick and mortars and a world wide audience, for a fraction of the cost. Quickly they learn that it is probably more expensive to get a comparable business working on the Net as it does to get one working in meat space.


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E-Fraud Advice for Internet Retailers.

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