back to article Voltaire preps InfiniBand switch for IBM blades

Network switch maker Voltaire has landed a deal with IBM to create a new 40 Gbit/sec InfiniBand quad-data rate (QDR) switch for Big Blue's BladeCenter blade server chassis. Voltaire, which does a fair amount of clustering in supercomputing and data warehousing with IBM and its blades, is keen on keeping ahead of Ethernet …


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Everybody loves a Challenge ...... C42 Quantum Communications Broaden System Horizons

"Read into what you will. "

Ok, Tim. IBM are less than pleased with Cisco's Intellectual Property Performance/Mutual Assistance Drive and Drivers.

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Is Cisco the problem?

We have been dumped badly by Cisco in this regard - after being sold IB switches with Fibre Channel gateways as a working solution for Interconnect and storage connectivity. They recently informed us that they are not only discontinuing the product range, but no longer recommend it as a solution and will not be able to resolve any of the TAC cases we have logged in this regard. Not so nice.. what do we do with the kit we have?

Been talking to a couple of vendors about Infiniband and Infiniband-based storage solutions... and it seems to us that the problem here is not our choice of technology or architecture - but rather with the h/w used and the vendor we do business with.

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