back to article Rackable stomached $31.3m loss in 2008

Server maker Rackable Systems has finished up a rough 2008 and is positioning itself to take on a challenging 2009 IT spending environment. After the markets closed today, Rackable reported its fourth quarter and full year 2008 financial results, and sales for the peddler of energy-efficient, rack-based machines fell by 65.1 …


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Zeroing in on financial services eh?

Smart move. Very solid business sector that.


I think Rackable's business is being eaten by Dell

Didn't Dell just do the largest ever server sale with Microsoft in 2008?

And Dell talks about their Data Centre Solutions group having just about all of the top 10 internet companies locked in (does that include ?), which presumably would include Yahoo and Amazon ?

Frankly, it sounds like Rackable needs to adapt its business model.

(dislaimer: I don't work for Dell or Rackable)

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