back to article McAfee sales strong despite recession

McAfee bucked the trend of poor financial news from the IT industry by posting strong results that exceeded analyst expectations on Thursday. The security software firm's Q4 revenues came in at $424m, an increase of 19 per cent compared to the $356m recorded in Q42007. Q42008 profits hit $45.4m, up from $12.2m in the same …


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nice car Mr.

McAfee lost my business when, after my yearly liscence was up, the virus scanner refused to scan w/o the latest update being installed!!

I was really angry, after all I had paid for the program and the updates I was entitled to during the year, surely it should be my perogative to keep on scanning even though the viral recognition files would be out of date?! Well, screw you McAfee, I'm now using AVG free with no problems.

Why didn't I update my liscence? Why should we, it's like a "virus tax" that you have to pay every year

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