back to article Intel's future Xeons to share sockets

We know what's coming on desktops and notebooks. But what about Intel's 32 nanometer server silicon? Intel's 32 nanometer process will be used to make a family of desktop, laptop, and server processors known as "Westmere," kickers to the Nehalem chips that will roll out throughout the year. Earlier this week, the company …


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Paris Hilton

Why Is line width such a big deal?

The limitations of heat management control the top speed of any given die.

Making the lines smaller, means even smaller die, yet speed increases. Why?

The energy consumed by a device is needed to switch the interconnection wires from one state to the other. The thinner the wires, the less electrons must be driven.

paris because i do not want her thinner.nor faster. and tommorrow is my birthday.


Moving the memory controller off the CPU chip?

I'm curious, what do you think is the logic behind that move? I could imagine it might perhaps be advantageous for gaming machines, but for servers...?

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