back to article FTC gives behavioral ad punters one last chance

The US Federal Trade Commission told online advertisers to do a better job of self-regulating how they track people's activities - or the government will step in and do it for them. The regulatory agency issued a report Thursday with minor tweaks about how online targeted ads systems should collect, save, store, and share user …


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Strengthening the FTC

... is the best damned thing that we could do to combat this recession. Monopolies have stifled competition and innovation. We need to regulate them, or break them up entirely, so that the many small businesses with new and truly innovative ideas can make the revolutionary biotech, transportation, energy, and communications products that can pull us out of this mess, and give us a much nicer world to boot.

I wouldn't be typing this if AT&T weren't broken up in the 80's, leading the way to modems without acoustic couplers, DSL, etc.


More BS from a BS government agency

"Companies should provide reasonable security for any data they collect for behavioral advertising and only retain data as long as it's needed for legitimate business or law-enforcement needs."

If the data was collected for advertising reasons then there are NO law enforcement needs whatsoever. This is the crap excuse that gets inserted into any regulation now to justify data retention. "Hey the government may want to subpoena this at some time in the future so that justifies keeping it."

Going beyond that, there are also no legitimate business needs. There are only business "wants." More of this crap with assuming that you need everything you want. No wonder the world is going bankrupt.

How many hundreds of thousands of dollars do you think were spent developing this non-policy?


Who cares how much was spent?

It's all monopoly money.

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Problem, Reaction, Solution

Problem: The government has spotted a problem, companies are playing fast and loose with peoples data.

Reaction: Oh no! The people cry, please Mr Obama can we have some laws to protect us?

Solution: Cirtainly, we have drafted this plan (sometime before you even knew there was a problem) that ensures that all data is collected securely and can be monitored directly by the new reglitory body out of the FBI/CIA/MI5

Is there nothing that escapes the black helecopter icon in these troubling times?

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