back to article Evesham Technology confirmed dead

Evesham, the defunct British computer maker, has been dissolved following a lengthy administration. A Companies’ House document has revealed that Evesham Technology Ltd, Evesham Technology Holdings Ltd, and Mertec Evesham Technology Ltd moved from administration to dissolution status on 30 January 2009. "All assets of the …


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  1. Paul Slater

    Back in the day

    I bought the first PC for my business from Evesham in 1994 or 95 - drove there and picked it up (I'm fairly local). I remember the sales guy demonstrating the 4x CD ROM's speed by pointing out how quickly the drawer popped out when you pressed the button... 32mb ram, 2gig hard drive, 17" monitor and a colour printer - all for around £3,500. Bargain.

    Mind you, it's still being used by my ex-wife's father for putting newsletters together - not bad for a machine almost 15 years old

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  3. fred
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    Nice to see some closure on Evesham, as a long standing employee of over 14 years. I wander what happened to Richard Austin and other people like Shaun Morris.

    Interesting to see that Daunter is using all his press links to plug his little tech support company in tewksbury.

  4. Chris Griffin

    I remember...

    When I was 10, going on a day trip with my Dad to Evesham to get us an Amiga 500+. The kids next door had one, and they bought theirs from Evesham Micros too.

    They gave us a free Dizzy adventure pack and joystick too!

  5. The Badger

    Brand sales

    Perhaps Americans regard "Evesham Technology" and "Tewktech" as exotic sounding names (complete with fake wood panelling and mock Tudor glory), but they sound a bit parochial. Along with the image of cheap "IBM compatibles", I'm not sure what value the former brand actually has, and I guess the market has spoken (or rather, not spoken) on this matter.

  6. Gordon Grant

    The long way down..

    Seems Evesham was in trouble long ago but just didn't want to admit it, and since we no-one want something nowadays that doesn't return a quick buck or 5, it was doomed there too.

    Nice of the former "Frontline" Tech to form a new company and offer support to what is their old customer base. I've no doubt those guys were doing their best to keep things going for as long as possible but nowadays it's all Dell, HP/Compaq or "PC World" specials no space in there for the "Eveshams" of this world, since you can pick up a "branded" PC cheap enough since MS bundle their "OS" with it, OS in the loosest sense, it's really bloatware or you can build your own fairly cheap as well and put linux on it or buy windows if required, or use an older version that's no being used else where and buy an upgarde to new..

  7. Snake Plissken

    What a surprise...

    The people who ran out of Time got 4.1 million, creditors and staff go unpaid.

  8. Neil Spellings


    Anyoneone know where this abandoned car is? I'll happily "uplift" it :-)

  9. Lol Whibley

    there was a report on radio four mentioned the evesham death throes

    they were referencing pre-pack administrative wrap-up for companies.. there was talk of some mildly dodgy goings on with monitors and accountability for lost stock and such.. allegedly.. was it File on Four or somesuch.. they couldn't get anyone from the old co. to speak to them..

  10. Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

    A sad day

    Another UK company bites the dust.

  11. Matthew Smith
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    Best computer I've owned

    I bought my PC from Evesham 7 years ago, and its still going strong. Never given me any bother. The local Evesham shop closed 2 years ago, but still hasn't been filled and the logo dominates the high street still. A shame the company that put quality over price failed.

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