back to article Symantec takes on Mozy with cloud backup

Symantec is to offer a cloud backup storage service for consumers, similar to the Mozy, Carbonite, and Spare Backup services Symantec's consumer cloud storage is available from April 1, according to Janice Chaffin, the president of Symantec's cloud division, as reported by Reuters. Norton 360 users currently get 2GB of online …


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  1. Nick Palmer
    Thumb Down

    Oh joy, oh r"apture...

    I'd be happy if Symantec could reliably back our stuff up onto a disk array and tape drive next to the flipping server, never mind up to some nebulous deep hole in the "cloud". Hate that word; colour me a cumulophobe.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Just use crashplan

    It's free, and you build your own cloud from your computer and a mates

This topic is closed for new posts.

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