back to article Microsoft promises to slash cost of 'high-end' search

Microsoft has promised to make enterprise search cost effective under a roadmap outlined today, having splashed out $1.3bn on FAST Search and Transfer a year ago. The company's roadmap will see high-end search from FAST integrated with its SharePoint family, covering portal, content management, and business information. Kirk …


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The Beginning of the Beginning of the End to Public Treason for Private Gain

Seems as if Microsoft were very successfully tempted by their greed to pay a very small fortune nowadays, $1.3bn, for something which very successfully tempts greed to pay a very small fortune.

Well done, Norway. Just love your Hard Core Intellectual Property Porn ..... and look forward to hearing of your next Trick/John.

Something along the lines of the £20bn ABM Amro sting/string along of RBS myopic fat cats would be good for the country. It is open season in the UK with its Criminal Lead Culture ..... and as you may know, by the very nature of their behaviour can they never be the sharpest knife in the drawer and thus are they easily Bested/Bettered/Betad with Sweet and Sticky Information/Leaky Intelligence/Whistleblower Testimony.


FAST is roadkill stuck on the bumper of the Microsoft juggernaut

Having FAST technology nailed onto Sharepoint is counterintuitive. There are many reasons why FAST is under investigation, the main reason is because its technology wasn't good enough for high end enterprise and no-one bought the stuff, so they has to lied about their sales figures.

Still, blow 1.3bn! on a company you can't just screw up the software and throw it in the trash along with the CEO. Or could you?

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