back to article Tough times mean channel love for Novell

A lot of IT vendors make their numbers or don't because of the efforts of their indirect sales channels. And when times are tough, the vendor has to take some of the economic heat off their channel partners so they don't lose the people who actually interface with customers. To that end, Novell has announced that it is …


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If you Promise Change, you have to be able to dDeliver .... 42Enable and Engage Nobly.*

"Basically, with such programs, you get to call dibs and other partners have to back off. In exchange for orderly sales in the channel, vendors like Novell and IBM can afford to give partners some more margin, because if they don't, the revenues will go south based on competitive pressures anyway. It is somewhat dubious to call this increasing an investment in the channel, however. But this is what IT vendors do."

Some others would just put a horse's head in the bed to make the valid undeniable point that they are worth more and work better in a Space Free from Heat and Interference.

* and Novelly/Nobelly :-) in XXXXalted Circles.


Channel for Granted?

Really? Novell? That Marketing powerhouse?

At least they acknowledge the channel exists this year.

About time for the annual 'reinvention....'

Mine's the one with the wit dripping from the pockets...

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