back to article IBM adds dedupe to Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM has announced a major release of its Tivoli Storage manager backup, archive and compliance product, adding scalability to up to a billion data objects, up to 3X faster backup speeds, and de-duplication. TSM 6.0 has an integrated DB2 engine that doubles the number of storable data objects with the potential to manage a …


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Anonymous Coward

SnapMirror to tape ...

SnapMirror to tape is only useful for migrating an initial replica. If you use it to make backups (which NetApp explicitly don't support), you can only make a full backup of the entire volume, including all historical snapshots, and you don't even get a decent catalogue.

NetApp's D2D2T approach is still missing two major pieces of the puzzle:

* The ability to send snapvault deltas to tape

* A decent catalogue integrated into Protection Manager.

At which point, they will eat IBM and Symantec's ILM lunch.


De-duplication ratios?

There may be a good reason why IBM is somewhat reticent in specifying the space saved by de-duplication. It depends on your data. If you have no duplicates in your data, then you will gain nothing. I like IBM's approach better than that of a better-unnamed sales rep who tried to convince me that de-duplication would save me up to 80% storage, even though no two of our servers were even running the same level of OS. While on the subject of specifying storage space: I'm also annoyed by tape drive manufacturers who happily market their tape drives as being capable of storing twice their native amount of data because of compression. Give me bloody numbers I can work with, you morons!

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