back to article Acronis on the prowl?

With a brand new CEO, established revenue stream and neat technology, you could be forgiven for thinking that privately-owned Acronis was looking to be acquired. Jason Donahue has sold three previous companies he ran to Oracle, IBM and Veritas (now Symantec). So why, four months ago, did the Acronis board replace its previous …


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Acronis alternatives?

I like Acronis. Nice simple software that just works.

Does anyone know of any real competitors other than ShadowProtect?

Symantec overcomplicated LiveSate when they integrated it into BackupExec System Recovery.

I'd just like to know my options...

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Me too!

I like Acornis stuff. Nice little company, makes products that work 98% of the time with no problems, at sensible prices. Bought three copies of their desktop backup software to ensure the family's stuff gets copied up the network every time they logoff.



for corporate live systems, so far acronis seem to be making the best solutions. especially their exchange, sql etc offerings, and san compatability etc. in their price range there are no real competitors, and these do work great.

comparative 'fast and reliable' DR systems like evault; double take (remote location mirroring); etc. are way more expensive.

some less capable systems are: ($38.94). is quite inexpensive and works with all versions of windows. Create dr boot CD etc. This one has a version for Linux systems also. WIN. So we can consider using this for DR of any linux based production servers.

Active@ Disk Image 3.1. This is a good program with scheduling options and includes DR boot media package. .cost is $49.00 per license.

R-Drive Image 4.3. .has good options with dr cd etc. has a versions for Linux DR image creation also if we need to consider that. The cost is $45.95 per license.

and for non-corporate there is the free driveimageXML, which i use for my home PC.


Now I understand...

Great software - saved my bacon more than once. But now I understand why support has been outsourced recently (turnaround time - about 6 weeks for a not terribly helpful 1st reply).

Quality is the 1st thing to go when greedy bean-counters get control - finger's crossed *someone* knows what to leave alone...

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Indeed. I would not have believed the six-week support delay had I not recently experienced it. The clueless support tech promised further contact. And then, six weeks later, a got a flurry of questions, apologies, surveys and everything except real support. Fortunately, I had already found the solution to the problem through random searching.

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