back to article Pinch Trojan lives on after authors' convictions

Variants of the Pinch Trojan are infecting users more than a year after the arrest of its two original authors, , who were recently jailed for their crimes. More than 4,000 PCs a day were getting infected by just one variant of the information-pilfering malware, according to net security firm PrevX, which bases this estimate …


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Black Helicopters


Does The Register have a policy of never naming names on AV ? It seems that there have been a few similar articles in which it is implied that some AV packages are not protecting the user.

Gates Horns

Yeh give us the AV names please

I sometimes get a gut feeling that SOME of the Anti Virus companies may be playing

both Poacher and Gamekeeper at same time, and would be good in such cases

to name the AV software being used so can maybe see a pattern !!. Could show AV

to avoid.

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