back to article Intel shuts Shanghai plant

Intel plans to shut down an integrated circuit-packaging plant in Shanghai as a cost-cutting measure that will affect about 2,000 workers. The company said today its chip manufacturing facility in the open economic development zone of Pudong, China will be shuttered over the next 12 to 18 months. Intel spokesman Chuck Malloy …


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Catch a finance sector worker and ...

put your own desired outcome here.

The finance sector really has a great deal to answer for.

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Yes the banks/finance sector has been guilty of some interesting manipulation of the numbers. But... without the credit they generated would we have had the boom of the last 10 years?

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@catch a finance sector worker

Everyone, especially our Chinese friends, could have known that our American friends were living way beyond their means. But yet we were happy to let them buy on tick (and laughing behind their backs) like there was no tomorrow.

Tomorrow is here now, and we all are all going to feel it, not just the finance sector.

Horned Jobs, for obvious reasons.


Grrr Gnash Gnash?

<grrr gnash gnash>

Radical solutions?

1 - the cost of the crash to be met by the banks, investment organisations, Board members and high income earners within those organisations

2 - transfer of nation debts encountered in dealing with the 'crash' (I prefer to call it 'folly') to be forwarded immediately to those banks, investment organisations, Board members and high income earners within those organisations (seizure of corporate, personal and sequestered assets, chattels and belongings a pre-requisite)

3 - organisations encountering huge tockpiles due to way the crash/folly has been handled to have costs met to have such stocks moved to the public at no or little cost (eg UK car manufacturers will be able to raffle or release stock according to government set criteria to residents/citizens of that country for free. Yep! Free!

4 - polluter pays principles to be evoked. The finance sector did it, the finance sector pays for it, the finance sector pays for the cleaning up afterwards.

</grrr gnash gnash>

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Why do we buy shit from companies...

that don't produce said shit in our own areas/economic communities. Intel is closing it's North American fab plants and downsizing European facilities after having taken BILLIONS in profits from these areas, only to set up in the third world where their costs are lower.

So they've taken good paying jobs out of the economies that built them but still expect us to pay the premium prices for their products so that they can afford to subsidies the third world so that those economies become dependent on that technology.

All the while these third world/developing economies are becoming our competitors for all jobs AND we are still subsidizing them. This has got to stop!


I don't know why the people of the UK find it acceptable to pay higher prices for technology than we do in North America. The prices are often much more, I sure hope that not all tax.

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