back to article Citrix boosts seat count for XenDesktop

How many virtual desktops can you support on a server using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology? Not enough for people to do it. But the new XenDesktop from Citrix Systems could change this. The idea of running desktop applications back on host machines controlled and supported by the IT department is not new. …


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Anonymous Coward

desktop streaming

Oh, you mean what Netware was doing 20+ years ago?

Paris Hilton

3D on a business desktop?


In the words of lolcat, "DO NOT WANT!"

As for the old, "distributed rendering and interaction performance vs centralised server-based configuration" issue, what we need is a server-based system with a client that can handle different screen sizes, can render information and forms, which can recover seamlessly should the local cache fail and for which server farm techniques are well established and branch offices can have replicas or caching systems. It would be nice to process multimedia at the local client of course.

Hmm, what could it be? I have a vision... as if through a spyglass, I see ... a seascape? no, something more networky... and a small canine... and fire, beautiful fire! ... out of the fire comes shiny metal... and Eeeee its everywhere! I also see a small island where the natives harvest coffee.

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