back to article Sony Ericsson J132 vs LG KP100

While there's nothing like an economic downturn to focus the mind on affordable technology, it gets beaten every time by a pretty girl walking into Reg Hardware's office and asking which is the best bargain mobile phone to buy as a holiday handset. One embarrassing silence, several blank stares and some muttering later we …


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I got a J132 a few weeks ago

I went on holiday to a place where the only network available is Orange so I shopped about a bit and got myself a J132. I must say that I was really impressed with it for the price I paid (£14-something with £10 talk time).

The most impressive thing for me what the immortal battery - it never seems to die! Despite the girlfriend texting on it every 5 minutes, the battery lasted a week with no recharge. When we got back, I left it on and 1½ weeks later it still showed half battery.

the 'torch' is a mildly amusing feature. It shows a blank white screen. Very creative...!

It's now tucked away waiting for the next time we go away or need cheap cinema tickets.


From experience

We're ranging both these handsets in our stores at the moment (T-Mobile) and the SE J132 is miles ahead of the LG when it comes to setting up phones for the older customer. Much easier navigation, and a battery life that is truly amazing considering the price makes it the hands down winner.

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