back to article Xbox 360 NXE fix inbound?

Numerous gamers have reported audio issues since installing the New Xbox Experience (NXE). But a solution could be en route, following rumours of a Microsoft-designed fix. NXE was launched back in November, but after the release many gamers – with HDMI-connected Xbox 360s - began complaining that their HD TVs weren’t …


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Anonymous Coward

Shock horrosr: XBox does not work...

Nothing new here, Xbox owners must surely be used to that by now. I don't know a single Xbox owners that's not had more than one replacement now.

Gates Horns

Ha, Ha!

You guys are hopeless, I don't see how you can vouch for a product like this. It just has so many problems; get a Playstation 3, play it for an hour having somebody explain the more than amazing features, you'll, being put simply, amazed.


MS are pigs!

PS3 rules!

Sony is reliable!

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