back to article Indian embassy website hack part of wider assault

The compromise of legitimate websites with hostile code ultimately designed to serve up malware onto the PCs continues apace, with the latest victims including the Indian embassy in Spain. Security researchers Ismael Valenzuela (here) and later Dancho Danchev (here) discovered that the the Indian Embassy in Spain was serving …


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Dead Vulture

A Pedant Writes

"...the Indian Embassy in Spain was serving malware ..."

I'm surprised that the Indian Embassy in Spain went to the trouble of installing web-servers on their premises when Spain is a modern EU country with, I assume, many web-hosting providers.

Or, did you mean 'the website of the Indian Embassy in Spain...' ?

"The assault represents ...."

It's not an assault, it's malicious interference with equipment/documents.

"..assault on diplomatic immunity by hackers."

Diplomatic immunity is a privilege granted to diplomats so that they can't be prosecuted for any crimes they might 'accidentally' commit. Also, they don't get searched going through customs. The hackers did nothing to degrade these privileges.

I know my comments are pedantic but if I want a Daily Mail level of presentation and analysis, there are lots of places I can go.

It's difficult enough nowadays for people to gain a proper understanding of technical issues, especially with the hype and drivel written about IT/internet related matters, but I had hoped for better presentation from The Register.

More in sorrow than anger ....blah....blah..

Anonymous Coward

One comment only...

And that's nothing to do with the subject, only the way it was presented.

Right... So that's one website nobody gives a damn about, it seems.

Yes, I know that I shouldn't start a sentence with "and".

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