back to article Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

It's taken them 21 years, but this Easter the crew of Red Dwarf will finally return to Earth in a two-part special which reunites many of the original cast. The homecoming is courtesy of digital channel Dave, which on Friday 10 April will broadcast the first installment of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth - penned by the show's co- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    But will it star Kochanshi?

  2. rogueelement

    Smoke me a kipper

    I thought Barrie and Charles weren't exactly the best of mates - surprised they would be willing to do this.

    Was never much good after about series IV anyway....left too long between series when charles was on remand.

  3. Edward Miles


    May I be the first to say:


    To be honest I don't care how badly they screw it up, I will watch it, and let my inner fanboi revel...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A classic returns

    Sci-Fi at its best. The UK has the talent to pull of interesting stuff, I say we ditch the soap operas and start producing more stuff like this.

  5. Cameron Colley

    21 years?

    Have I travelled into a time warp where it's 2020 all of a sudden?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Smoke me a Kipper!

    They'll be back in time for easter.

  7. Craig Roberts


    Any new Dwarf is good news as far as I'm concerned - even though seasons 7-8 weren't the best... I'm gonna assume that Dave's budget isn't going to be anywhere near the BBC's (especially in the last few years of the series)...

    ... Although this could be a good thing and force Doug Naylor back to basics...

    All good!

  8. Lloyd
    Thumb Down

    If it's anything

    like season 4 onwards then I'll decline the invite thanks.

  9. Joe

    I have a very, very bad feeling about this...

    I just don't think it can come close to the originals, especially as series 7 and 8 were so poor once Grant left the writing staff *sigh*

  10. spiny norman

    Half the genius

    It was the writing team of Grant and Naylor that produced the best of red Dwarf, up to series 6. After that it went into terminal decline and it would have been a very good idea to let it rest in peace.

  11. Ash
    Thumb Up

    Oh dear god...

    They should have stopped at Series 6.

    Still, i'll watch it anyway. For posterity, if nothing else!

  12. alan

    i for one

    welcome our drug taking, smart talking comedy actor overlords

  13. Tony


    Smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast.

  14. CeeJay

    This is all very well...

    ...but it's not going to fulfill my Claire Grogan requirements.

  15. Shaun



    Good news - provided it's better than the last two series.....................................

  16. Egons Proton Pack
    Thumb Up

    I can't wait....

    I think Red Dwarf is brilliant..

    So much so I have just bought the 10 disc series from play..

  17. Sooty

    Doug Naylor only

    that's a shame, as his solo stuff has never been as good as what was done with Rob Grant

  18. jai

    smoke me a kipper, i'll be back for easter

    the title "back to earth" makes me worried though

    surely they won't actually get there will they? i mean, the whole point was that we knew they would never ever get home, but they carried on anyway

    still - smegging brilliant news that there's more Red Dwarf coming up. here's hoping it kick starts more seasons of the show

    (to be honest though, you're months late with this news, i'm sure i read about it on the red dwarf website before xmas)

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    hopefully better than series 8

    sweet, something *potentially* decent to watch on telly

  20. Pete Foster
    Thumb Up

    Smoke me a kipper, skipper. I'll be back for more cash.

    I really really hope that the cast have done this because they wanted to, and not just because they needed the cash. Let's hope that Naylor and Dave can do it properly.

  21. nobby


    smegging great!

  22. netean
    Thumb Up

    she's not mentioned

    As Chloe Arnett isn't mentioned, I'm hoping against hope that she won't be returning for the special!

    Fingers crossed!

  23. Shinku


    Damnit, now I have to go and get catastrophically drunk to forget you said they're going to return to earth!

    Also, old news for hardcore Dwarfers :D

  24. Mart

    He's arnold, arnold, arnold rimmer!

    hooray its about time, and glad to see the old cast back, not some dumbass rehash.

    Smoke me a kipper, i'll be back for breakfast!

    What about Kochanski though????

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    A Title,

    Lets hope they set it at wizards school and not ruin it

  26. Tom


    Opening sequence I will say will show the ending of the last episode.. and then cut to 10 years later

    Lister "Well that was a boring trip"

    Kryton "But Sir, what about 7 years ago when you ripped your pants, that was amusing"

    Lister stares blankly

    Cat "Well at least ive aged with grace, you look like you have been dragged through a cupboard of dead hedgehogs"

  27. s

    Such a shame it's not on the BBC

    Thery don't have Dave over here (NL) so I guess I'll have to miss it :(

    Must admit though that with only one half of grant-naylor I don't expect it to be great - but I'm such a dwarfer that I don't care I'd still watch it given half a chance...

    Boys from the dwarf!

  28. Mike

    Great news, but ...

    For smegs sake I hope they leave Kochanski out of this ...

    "Is it me or are those frogs saying useless?"

  29. Thomas
    Thumb Up

    As long as its not like Series 7....

    ....This is some awesome news.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @ Cameron Colle

    21 years to get back to earth, not 21 years for the next installment

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Hope it doesn't suck

    Also hope that it carries on from the cliff hanger from series 8, but I'm betting it won't

    It's crazy that we've had to wait 10 years!

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Break out Racheal

    Puncture repair kit on standby, Sir.

  33. paul

    Boys from the dwarf

    [Wave hands]

    "For smegs sake I hope they leave Kochanski out of this ..."


  34. Dennis

    Please rush me my portable walrus polishing kit.

    Four super brushes that will clean even the trickiest of seabound mammals. Yes, I am over eighteen, though my IQ isn't.

    I don't hold out much hope after the last 2 series but maybe that because...............

    "My brain's rebelled. It just won't accept nice things happening to me."

  35. Luke
    Thumb Up

    Fell off a cliff after series 6...

    ...even so, I really, really want to see it.

    Please though, no Kochanski, no Max from Eastenders, and no more Duane Dibley (it was funny twice, leave it now.)

  36. hikaricore
    Thumb Up



  37. StooMonster

    Other sci-fi returns to Earth


    Oh the horror.

  38. bobbles31
    Thumb Up

    And back on Earth....

    "Where is everyone?"

    "They're all dead Dave, Dave everybodys dead."

    "What, the President, the Police all the Activists?"

    "They're all dead Dave. Dave, everybodys dead. Everybodys dead dave."

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Better Smeg Than Dead

    *message ends*

  40. Anonymous Coward

    As good as "This Life" revisited?

    It's going to be shite. You know it's going to be shite. Everyone will say it's very good at the time but we'll all know it's being said through gritted teeth. Then after a year everyone will admit it was shite and start slagging it off, yet still remain hopeful for a film version.

    That's sci-fi fans for you.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  42. jai
    IT Angle

    spin my nipple nuts and send me to alaska

    someone's going to ask what the IT angle is, aren't they?

    and the answer is, of course:

    "If Silicon Heaven doesn't exist, then where do all the calculators go?"

  43. Yorkshirepudding

    Committee for liberation & intergration of terrorfying organisms & their reintergration into society

    i pray to silicon heaven this doesnt end up like a complete fail! red dwarf has to be one of britains best shows in the 20th century. please dont much up this chance!!!

    i gues chloe anette didnt want to come back?

  44. Craig Vaughton

    Just a thought...

    Pity its not April 1st they say their showing the program...

    ..then pull it at the last minute and show a repeat episode?

    Then it would be April, May, June, July and August fool :- )

    Mines the one with a Tension Sheet in the pocket.

  45. John

    some questions

    which Kochanski? (if either)

    which Holly?

    will the Red Dwarf itself even feature? Starbug was cool and all, but it wasn't the Serenity.

    plus, they've already been back to earth: everything went backwards.

  46. Stephen
    Thumb Up

    Nice one Dave

    Good to see the boys from the Dwarf back for a special.

    They never really wrapped up the series with season 8's ending, but I have to agree with the commentors above it wasn't the same since they introduced Kochanski in 7 to replace Rimmer. (bringing back the crew from the dead in 8 was the kiss of death to the show)

    My hope is that for the specials they go back to basics of what the show was about.

  47. Big_Boomer

    Well Spin My Nipple Nuts And Send Me To Alaska!

    Well done DAVE. First Argumental, now Red Dwarf.

    Glad to see that they are moving away from being just a "repeats" channel.

    Since Red Dwarf 8 I haven't seen anything on the BBC that IMHO qualified as even remotely funny, and before anyone mentions "The Office",... I'd rather have testicular electro-shock torture!

    Even if it's crap, the worst of the Dwarf is better than pretty much anything that's on our 400+ channels today. Can't wait! :-)

  48. Andy Barber
    Thumb Up

    @Such a shame it's not on the BBC

    I expect it will be on the torrents by the end of the day!

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please make it more like the original

    In later series we had such nonsense as Kryten choking on his own throat to talk Gelf, even though they sounded like they had a more structured language when first encountered. Everything else falls apart the same way, like the Kat being a shadow of his former independent cool self.

  50. Znort666

    I guess its time to...

    dust of my old "Better smeg than dead" t-shirt...oh the memories of a great show, will have to record for my in-law as he loves it too...

    Do hope they don't spoil it though, would be a shame after all this time to go a balls it up.

    Maybe the G.E.L.F could make a re-appearance...


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