back to article Yahoo! freezes! pay!!

Yahoo! is freezing all staff pay, blaming the tough ad market. In an email seen by several newswires Yahoo! said: "Based on the current economic environment and our focus on keeping costs in line with revenues, we have decided that providing annual salary increases would not be in the best interests of the company or our …


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  1. EdwardP

    Who! Knows!

    Yahoo's a funny one.

    I've not used Yahoo in around 8 years, nor has anybody I know. I've not seen a single Yahoo branded ad, I've never bought a Yahoo! product.

    Can somebody fill me in on exactly how these guys make their money? I mean, they must have something going for them, or MS wouldn't have been trying to spend quite so much money on them...

  2. alphaxion

    I! might! know!

    There are still plenty of people that use yahoo mail, IM, flickr (I have a pro account, so they have $'s from me), upcoming, zimbra... plenty of products they can slather with ads or charges for.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I have a Flickr pro account and the integration with the rest of Yahoo is pretty terrible - but it does have a kind of "distance" from Yahoo which I like. This is probably a viable business but only if it can hold on to the word Flickr being synonymous with photo hosting. As for the rest of Yahoo - toast and soon!

  4. Andy Barber
    Thumb Up

    @ I! might! know!

    Don't forget they also do partnerships with other ISP's. BTinternet spring to mind.

    I have used Yahoo! since January 1995, so they must be doing something right.

  5. g e

    Staff cuts

    Way cheaper to demoralise the staff with a pay freeze - they'll leave of their own accord hence no redundancy/severance/etc beyond untaken leave entitlement.

  6. James Woods

    time for a new cattle drive?

    I've never had the same taste in my mouth for Yahoo since I seen Semels daughter on that reality tv show. She had absolutely no idea what it is to put in a days work, the value of a good days work, and obviously the management of yahoo doesn't either. I know he's not the CEO anymore but my god all this company seems to do now is muckup deals and lose money. I remember hearing those stupid yahoo commercials all summer on the radio. Like really if your not already using yahoo I doubt that a radio commercial is going to get things kicking for you.

    A note to yahoo, you cease to become a search engine when your website looks like

  7. Charles Calthrop

    why is this article on your most commentated tab?


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Keep! It! Fresh!

    I thought pay cheques would last a long time if kept in the fridge. Yahoo! are clearly going further with frozen pay. I think the banks will object to frozen cheques unless you thaw them out first.

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