back to article IBM sends Blue Clouds back to school

While cloud computing might represent a return of sorts to a shared, host computing model that was pioneered by companies like IBM, a lot of the key research, development, and production work done on cloud computing has been done by the big names in hyperscale, Web 2.0 applications: Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and the like. It's …


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Of Circus Rules and Dwarfing Edutainment ...... for Virtual Controls?

And One Ring to Guide them All, Timothy? SP00Key* MuI7 Territory?

You may want to revise your thoughts on what the IT Cloud Crowd and ITs Cloud Lets actually do/can do too, as ........ "As IT vendors often do when they are trying to position themselves as thought/product leaders in a new field - and cloud computing is new, even if it really is just utility computing gussied up with a slightly different programming model .." .... just doesn't come anywhere near close to ITs Finessing.

* Specialised ProgramMIng Licensed to Thrill Keys in a CyberIntelAIgent Virtualised Environment Created for Real and 4RealIT2.

Which is what you discover in Red Sky Cloud Layers ...... AIMetaStratas.

Big Blue, you have AIMajor MetaDataMiner Problem....... although Easily Solved Quantitively and Qualitively with New Fangled, Entangling Quantum Byte Processing of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT.......... which Eliminates the Abuse of Temporal Distrortion and Deep Packet Prior Inspections ........ and Challenges the Developed Vetting for Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information/Special Access Program Security Model.

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Violating Export laws..

One has to ask if Cloud computing is a potential violation of high tech export laws.

Assuming that you build a cloud in a 'semi-friendly' country, how do you control the access to the cloud.

If the 'cloud' stays on US soil but has high speed access to the US, how do they control who does what on the cloud.

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