back to article iPhone iLounge threatens Jobsian cult reunion

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that it will co-sponsor (with a "unified iPod/iPhone pavilion" at next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), raising more questions about the continued existence of Macworld Expo. CES will be held in Las Vegas on January 7-10. Macworld Expo - if it …


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CES is dying, too

Much lower attendance this year, from what I hear?

They've been pretty desperate to get Apple and Apple-centric exhibitors there for some time... Hence this announcement. I heard some pure speculation that the "Apple at CES" rumour was also a CES plant, to steal exhibitors? It would make a certain amount of sense to strike while Macworld is weak. Nothing to back that up, though.

Not that I have anything against CES, really – it just seems like all trade shows are fading in relevance at the moment. Maybe it's just the economy.


who needs trade shows?

i recon it's the internet that's doing the trade shows in

mostly you've already read about everyones new products on t'interwebs before the trade show

and it must cost the companies far less to put new product details online and will reach many many more people than a trade show can


Where do people find out about new stuff?

>Maybe it's just the economy

Non-tech people probably wouldn't bother in any case, or they ask friends 'in the know'

Friends 'in the know':

Internet - news sites, sites such as El reg, blogs.

TV tech shows such as Click

Maybe stuffing people and companies into a large room is just too, like, last century?



all's fair as trade fare

A consequent organiser's concept is central. The Swiss trade show, Orbit, fell apart about 10 years ago, when schoolkids were talking to SAP consultants. The show squeezed out the wrong group (the schoolboys) with high entry fees. On the other hand, German CEBIT goes from strength to strength.

One replacement has been to show solutions (i.e. a running application) at fairs for other branches - I especially like those that circuit the music shops. There is nothing like the whizz of a working system.

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