back to article Joiku gets profit joys from unlimited mobile data

Hotspot developer Joiku is reaping some uncommon rewards. Its research shows almost a third of users upgraded to an unlimited data plan after buying its hotspot software, supporting the argument that such services can indeed make money for operators. JoikuSpot turns a Symbian S60 phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing nearby …


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Joiku??? WTF???

Not sure about that name.

If you search for "Joiku" and "Sami" (or Saami), you'll hear what it means. It's a Sami (OK, Lapland's closest if you google) 'folk' song.

It actually sounds like the noise you'd make if your toenails were being pulled out - slowly, one-by-one, whilst the rest of you is being roasted on a sauna set to 100 degrees C.

Marketing at it's best, huh? Sami friend of mine sings it. But she does it best face-down in a pool of vomit. Hers. Now, that's Unlimited Mobile.



I have an unlimited data tariff, but it's explicitly for the phone, not an attached laptop - I'm doubtful that the operator can tell (!), but I don't want to be stung by an enormous bill if they figure it out.

Anyhow, I tried the free version of Joiku, and couldn't get it to do anything useful, so I'll not be bothering with the paid version. Smart phones seem to be the way forward...

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