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It's no secret that Cowon's A3 PMP is favoured by Vulture Central. The comprehensive codec and file support, superb 800 x 480 screen and twitproof controls make it a hard device to not like. Cowon iAudio O2 Cowon's O2: plugs the gaps in the A3? Of course, that's not to say it's perfect. It could do with being both smaller …


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It seems like I need to wait a little longer for the ideal PMP then.


Not Daft...Business

The next model will have a higher res screen therefore they will sell twice as many!

its the give with one hand take with the other upgrade model.

Unfortunatly Business is yet to wake up to the fact that no one is spending, unless its worth it. so my cash is stashed.

I so want a decent player that will transfer my Camera pics from SD Card to the device for backup and reviewing, while im on holiday... a better screen is required as is a copy feature..

Im also partially deaf in one ear and need decent volume! (my hearing is already damaged stop trying to protect it! - cater for it!)

This product although sounding SO good, fails in so many ways.


biblically straightforward?

that's a new one on me. very Karl Barth.


O2 ?

Do I hear the frantic scrabbling of greedy corporate lawyers (the same breed of "people" that got us into the present recession) at a certain mobile phone company.....


Another Cowon pants-device?

I own a A3 and I know when I've been 'done'.

The so called HD-TV side of things doesn't work right. It's a hardware Codec device so relies on firmware updates to get around the bugs in the hardware.

Pity Cowon dropped the A3 like a hot potato as soon as it realised that it couldn't get around the faults in the Texas Instruments hardware.

It's marketing dept. claimed far too much for this device and the News media believed it could do what they claimed without actually testing it.

Cowon soon dropped DVD support and despite people asking the site for support and news, they refuse to talk to serious journalists who've actually test the device and its claims out.

Its other claim about having user playlists got shot down as it only has one playlist - yes one.

And you can't make your own and import it to the device.

Buying a Korean product that has no English support is always going to be difficult here in the EU. But there is a decent Cowon user support forum online so that helps at least the poor consumer who feel trapped.

Quite how Cowon can think it can get away with bringing out a product that is really a beta and abandon it a few months later is beyond me.

This new device will be just the same. 3 months after its release, the company will finish with it and its customers will be similarly upset.

Why it can't listen to its EU customers is bizarre.



How on earth does this get 80%?

For about a tenner more than the 16Gb model you can get an iPod Touch 16Gb which *does* do playlists, tag support and gapless playback, with a better or equivalent screen, plus the web browser/email/zillions of apps available from the App Store. Sure it's missing support for the more obscure codecs and you need to use iTunes (which I know some people loathe with a vengeance, why I don't know, unless you're on Linux). But for smoother, sleeker, more capable and more versatile I can live with that.

And no I don't have a Touch... I have an iPhone 16Gb, same thing with a phone built in for (in my case) £159. That's £40 less than this turkey. And yes I know I have to pay for the contract, before anyone starts shouting.

Can't wait for the flames telling me that Apple kit is overpriced...

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Quite nice, but...

This is 2009, FFS. No ID3 tag support? Album art has to be separate? No excuse: it plays music, therefore it is a music player. The thing is called iAudio, not iVideo, by the way... Even my still-faithfully-going-but-starting-to-fall-apart first generation iPod nano has no trouble with those things, how hard can it be.

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