back to article Qualcomm eats AMD handheld biz

Qualcomm today purchased $65m worth of intellectual property and other assets from AMD, as AMD finished divesting itself of its handheld and DTV businesses. Last October, AMD completed the sale of its DTV business to Broadcom. And today, the other shoe dropped when it announced the sale of handheld assets to Qualcomm. In a …


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Due to various reasons, not just throwing lawyers at people, Qualcomm is not much liked. The Snapdragon ARM platform is wonderful but no-one is rushing to use it.

They have all but killed their own Children of EVDO revB and Flash-OFDM with their antics.

Maybe they hope to make money from IP licences of people that have already decided to use this AMD tech. Otherwise I think they wasted the money, unless they are going to change how they do business.

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