back to article Microsoft mobile services and Windows Mobile due next month?

Microsoft will update its mobile software and services strategy at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, according to reports. A flurry of reports have said that Microsoft will unveil three mobile services at the annual telco fest. The planned services are SkyBox to synchronize a phone's information with the …


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IT Angle

It is a step in the right direction ...

but I don't think MS can knock Apple kit from the easiest ease of use status and stature it has.

For why you might ask?

Because MS seems to cater for multiple variants of its APIs and stuff and each variant seems to have a proprietary lock-in. Hence we'll probably have a multitude of stuff that does things (almost) exactly the same way but with a 20% level of not fully compliant as ...

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Microsoft wants to reduce the number of mobile devices it targets.

Just keep doing what they are doing (nothing) and that should take care of it's self.

The best windows phones are the ones that do the best job of hiding the windows UI from the user.

Anonymous Coward

Erm, aren't two of those names already in use?

I suspect lawyers working for Rupert Murdoch and Nissan are already rubbing their hands in anticipation of extracting some juicy fees from Redmond...

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Re: names already in use.

You mean you can sue someone for using a word that's in everyday usage in connection with their business that you also use in connection with yours?

That's too easy...........(sorry, couldn't resist)

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Interesting move

Looks like Microsoft are finally going to take thier mobile offering seriously. I can't wait for more of these online services, it's what windows mobile has been waiting for. This might mean that we actually get updates now via windows update for mobile.

Although I think they will find it hard to sell packages via the market place, Handango have had the mobile apps sales for years for this platform.

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