back to article AMD to axe 1,100 (more) jobs

AMD plans to slash its workforce by 9 per cent beginning next month, while temporarily reducing wages from its CEO down to hourly workers. "As a result of the continuing global economic downturn, we have determined that we need to take difficult, but prudent, actions designed to reduce costs," AMD said in a statement. …


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  1. Dustin

    Well, this may be good in the long run

    Hopefully they scrape off a bunch of uselss marketing and MBA douchebags and make the company more efficiently run. In every large company there are many people that do not carry thier weight, I just hope it's them that get the AXE and not some random selection based on ill informed execu-whim.

  2. Joe K
    Dead Vulture

    Hey Reg icon bods

    Its about time we had a icon of Zorg (Gary Oldman) from the Fifth Element, just as he turns and emotionlessly says:

    "Fire one million"

  3. Gordon Grant
    Thumb Up

    Pay cut

    I like the range of the pay cuts those at the top taking the biggest temporary hit.

    I do hope they don't just get rid of the employees by the numbers rather by the skills they have, although marketing should take a good hit, I mean I do sometimes wonder what planet these "marketing" types are on...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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