back to article Seagate cuts go deep

Going further than its previous 10 per cent US workforce cut targeted by a recent SEC filing, Seagate has made another filing saying 6 per cent of its worldwide workforce will go and executives and other professionals will take pay cuts. This comes two days after the replacement of its CEO, Bill Watkins, and COO, David …


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Coat, well and truly got.

I wonder what the average seek time for a new job will be?

Is this what's called the boot sector?

I doubt many of those made redundant will have the buffer of savings.

I guess it's a mirror of our times.

Cant they just format the office and re-install the workers?

I guess they'll have to RAID their savings.

Just another sector falling prey to the economic downturn.

Dont worry though I am sure the workers have a cache of money stashed away, they are pretty SMART and have a good head on their shoulders.

Still, what a What a NASty surprise!

Their heads are being served up on a platter!

Soon the jobcentres will be hearing the pitter-PATA of many feet!

This could lead to a severely fragmented workforce worldwide.

Seems like a bad sector in which to work.

They've made the mistake of thinking that redundancy is good for both their storage solutions and their employees.

Perhaps they will attempt a recovery some time soon?

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. . . to the world on the annual pay cut. . .

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Makes sense.

I guess that the increases in platter density that they've announced recently always meant that they'd be reducing the head count......


what a shame

It makes me so sad to see all these electronics companies going under. I know when I look at this hardware I pay top shelf for and see made in "everywhere but the country I earn the income in" it just makes me feel great.

Perhaps these big name name corporate should start outsourcing the management and hiring people that actually buy their products to manufacture them.


@AC - Coat, well and truly got.

WOW! Needed a little lie-down after that, did you?

It's not going to help them that they're dropping their 5-year warranty on stuff.

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