back to article RIM squashes BlackBerry PDF peril

Research in Motion (RIM) has published a patch that fixes a pair of critical flaws in the way BlackBerry servers handle malformed PDF files. The two related security updates address vulnerabilities in the PDF Distiller of the BlackBerry Attachment Service for BlackBerry Unite and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, respectively. As …


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malformed PDF?

Is there any other type of Pointless Document Format?

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More likely they want him to ditch his BB because - as Prez - his every email will be recorded, and they wouldn't want any Conressional Committees finding emails like;

"Hi Blago,

Yeah, sell my seat to Jesse for two large.

Love and kisses,


Sent from my Blackberry"


Yet another hole

Are all these security issues a ploy by you IT people to keep your industry afloat and have a job for life fixing your own cr@p work? The old IT adage that "there's no work unless the sh!t keeps hitting the fan" seems to go on for ever.

Sure, nothing is perfect, but gaping holes due to negligence, or left there deliberately for the snoops to have access.

What we need is more eager and paranoid volunteers to build and test open source to the hilt. Sure they have holes as well, but at least they are more motivated and more numerous to spot them and fix them.

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