back to article Babelgum chews on Vodafone

Free net TV company Babelgum has signed a deal with Vodafone to bring their video content to Vodafone customers in the UK and Italy, at least for users of the Nokia N96, N95 and 6210. Babelgum is offering free content on the back of advertising embedded in its proprietary media browser - to watch Babelgum content one has to …


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Oh, TV on a phone...

I have an N95 on Vodafone and I did watch Voda's previous TV offerings on it, but not frequently enough. Eventually I dumped the £10 a month fee I was paying for that and used it to up my minutes, just as Truphone introduced their 3p/min VOIP charges.

Now Truphone have bought in a new tariff, useful for International calls, which I don't make very many of, however, I've decided that I'm keeping the N95 although I'm at the end of contract, and not upgrading to an N96 (with no VoIP client) because really, I can't be bothered to watch TV on the phone and one day my job may require me to make more International calls than I do currently.

So, just because this content is "free" albeit chewing my 500M inclusive data allowance, I don't think I'm interested.



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