back to article Archos 10 netbook specs leaked

Pictures and specifications of Archos’ upcoming entry into the netbook arena have been leaked online. Archos_10 Archos' Archos 10: bog-standard spec The firm’s yet to make a formal announcement about the Archos 10 machine, although it was anticipated that it would do so at CES last week. But online sources have already …


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Yes, it does look like a rebadge, but the specs of course apply to 99% of netbooks, since all the manufacturers are scared to exceed those allowed by Microsoft if they want to pre-install XP.

Dead Vulture

Hello (hello...ello...lo...lo....o....o.....o....)

Has everyone gone home already? D'ya think this is what those social commentators call a "saturated market" when no one, not even El Registas can be bothered to chime in with questions on:

1. What OS is it? I want *nix but not your flavour as mine is D4 B0ll1><

2. What rez is it?

3. How long to boot up?

4. Why no SSD as I want SSD?

5. What colours can I get it in?

6. How long will the battery really last?

7. Why get this when a (deep breath) Eee 700/701/900/901/1000/1001/Samsung NC10/Asus S101/N10/Commodore/Lenovo/MSI/ (I GIVE UP - TOO MANY!) is the one that not only I want to use rather than this, but I already have...

How times area a-changing... it's like a graveyard here!

IT Angle

Hidden extras?

I wonder how much they'll be charging for codecs or web browser on this netbook like they do with their media players? How about a charger, will that be included or be an optional extra? Cynical about Archos? Moi?! I love my AV500 but have not upgraded as I don't want to have to pay extra for things that should be standard.

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