back to article Forrester crystal ball conjures 2009 IT spending shrinkage

The prognosticators at IT consultancy Forrester Research have polished up their crystal balls and cranked up their spreadsheets, announcing some some bad - but not unexpected - news for the tech sector. As far as Forrester can tell, global IT revenues across hardware, software, and services will fall by 3 per cent, to $1.66 …


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And in other news tonight...

We report that large quantities of bear faeces have been found in woods and forests around the world and a recent survey suggests that Vatican City has a higher proportion of Roman Catholics than almost any other city or nation state.

Pictures at 11.

Sorry, sorry, but do these pillocks at Forrester actually get paid for this kind of shite? And, if they do, does anyone really believe that they should?

If only we could focus all the effects of the current economic upheavals on the pointless market researchers, joss-stick waving brand consultants, clueless advertising executives, worthless financial analysts, money-grabbing bankers, short-sighted media hypemongers and all the other assorted candidates for a Golgafrincham-style B Ark, then perhaps the rest of us who actually make things and do useful stuff could just get on with it and still have a viable economy for ourselves.

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