back to article Ford roadmaps electrics for 2010, 2011, 2012

Ford has outlined its 'leccy car roadmap at the Detroit Motor Show. Perhaps the most interesting announcement was of a small electric car to be developed in partnership with Canadian auto-engineering outfit Magna International. It will have a full charge range of 100 miles, a lithium-ion battery pack, a single-speed …


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Slightly Cynical

"Ford is heading in the direction America and our customers want us to go..."

Oh, NOW they're heading in that direction. It bloody well took them long enough.

I think Ford took a bit of a PR hit when, in the middle of ever-increasing fuel prices, word got out that they had a 65 mpg Fiesta in Europe that would never be brought into the US. They claimed the engines would be too expensive to build here and gave various other excuses. Mm-hmm...

Keep building those F-350s, Explorers and Excursions, Ford, you're right in tune with what the American people want. Goodness knows we don't want an inexpensive econo-box, or a car that gets over 25 mpg city driving. Oh! And make sure the cars you do build are all boring and feature the same cookie-cutter styling. You don't want to disappoint your American customers for yet another model year. [/sarcasm]

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