back to article Hands on with Samsung's touch-controlled P3 media player

As soon as you lay hands on the Samsung YP-P3, the first thought that will go through your head is what a nasty bit of plastic tat the P2 is by comparison. Clearly someone at Samsung has been looking at recent Apple and Cowon players and decided to up the quality of the company's builds. The results speak for themselves: with …


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  1. Jason Togneri


    Touchscreen this, touchscreen that - it's not necessarily intuitive, it's not necessarily the best solution, and it's not necessarily hygienic, especially if you let other people use it, and more so if either or both of you have a cold. What's this obsession that everything has to be touched to be used? Fine for mobile devices, I suppose - not regarding the caveats above - but I quite like the keyboard/mouse/monitor paradigm: I don't want to look DOWN to see my screen, but I don't want to reach UP to use my controls, either. Seperate control and viewing mechansims are a great solution. Oh, I'm sure on larger devices you could have a primary screen for viewing and a touchscreen for controlling, but that kind of defeats the purpose, and invalidates all those years of learning to touch-type (a skill that seems to be lost amongst the younger generations anyway, so I suppose it's irrelevent).

    Er, </rant>.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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