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Since we Europeans seem a far more literate bunch than our colonial cousins, it rather begs the question why on Earth the Shermans get the new Sony ebook reader while we don't. The PRS-700 was released in the US back in October 2008 - a month after its predecessor, the PRS-505, finally made to the UK. So we haven't had our …


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Yes Sony, release it in the UK please!

I agree, PRS700 for the UK ASAP please Sony!

Does the touchscreen mean we can now annotate e-books? If so, that's very cool indeed!



The drawback - based on the comments of a friend who looked at both in the US just before Xmas - is that the touchscreen/backlight layer has hit the contrast/readability badly.

Anonymous Coward

but screen quality is said to suffer

I researched the 700 quite a bit before christmas as i wanted a reader.. a lot of forums and internet posts state that the screen on the 700 when compared to the 505 is a lot worse in terms of contrast/quality.. they infer that in adding the touchscreen sony have had to sacrifice readability.. that the screen is much more prone to glare and just doesnt look nearly as good..

hopefully if sony do get around to releasing this in europe - some of these issues can be addressed! btw i love the 505...


What about...

So it has a nice touch screen and a battery life equal to the previous model. the reading light is a good idea too. But what about the important features?

*Does it support the mobi book format?

Mobi format ebooks have the largest catalogue of all the DRM formats currently in use, they outnumber the Bebook format 20 to 1, but despite this the previous reader doesn't support them.

*Has PDF support been improved?

the previous reader, and most other ebooks, have difficulty scaling and displaying PDF files that where not properly formatted for the device, which very very few will be unless you make them yourself.

*Are image files scaled well to the screen resolution without reformatting them for the device?

the 505 actually does a fairly good job of this, and I would hope the feature has been refined further.

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