back to article Lenovo ditches 2,500 employees

Computer giant Lenovo has confirmed that it will slash 2,500 jobs, or 11 per cent of the workforce, as part of a restructuring plan to cut costs after the firm’s sales were hit by weakening global demand. The Beijing-based company, which is the world’s fourth biggest PC vendor, has also forecast a quarterly loss for this …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Hang on!?!

    You lose the #3 position in market share to Acer, you pay $1.25b to buy essentially people and processes and a respected brand from IBM, you lose money hand-over-fist and another 2500 people their jobs, and you still ONLY cut merit pay for execs by 30-50%???

    No wonder this company is in trouble. It's run by a bunch of morons

    Paris, cos she could do a better job than Bill Amelio

  2. David

    We have all bought them already !

    It takes a moron to think that the market for PCs will expand any time soon.

    Most of us who want one, have one ! Unless some magical major improvement comes along, or the one we have falls over with a death rattle, we are unlikely (especially during a world-wide recession) to rush out and buy a new one just because we have the money and nothing else is trying to burn a hole in our pockets. I suppose there remains some market to the game players who always want the latest and fastest hardware to be able to play the latest game, but, as they are paid off from their source of income, can they find the price ?

    I update my computers every few years. More frequently if my business is having good times. Right now I have a full compliment of excellent machines (all Apple now), so I have no need to go computer shopping before 2012, unless something gets damaged (unlikely), or I expand the business, highly unlikely right now !!

    As for cutting exec payments by only 40 to 50%, so much for the classless society in China ! My experience of the Chinese people is that they are decent hard-working and caring. Capitalism has had the usual corrupting effect on those who find themselves in charge, as did communism before it.

    My sympathies lie with the ordinary working men and women who are being screwed !!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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